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Servicing Zip, Billi and all other brands of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water units. With a wide range of filters, spare parts and new units to choose from. Call us today to see how we can help you with your filtered water needs.

Filter Replacements

  • All Brand’s of filters are available
  • Speciality Filters available
  • Fitted and tested by our trained technicians

Installation & Repairs

  • Fast, Effective and Affordable Service
  • All Repairs and workmanship guaranteed


  • Large range of New Unit’s to choose from
  • Installed by our trained technicians
  • Call Today for a free quote 0419 159 459

24 hour Call out Service

  • After hours emergency service available
  • Please call 0419 159 459

Maintenance Programs

  • We Provide Customized Maintenance Program
  • Endless Co2 bottles
  • 6 and 12 monthly filter replacement program

Spare Parts

  • Wide range of spare parts available

Billi Filter Tap

Learn About Our Innovative Underbench Billi Filter Tap and Other Water Systems

These days, even high-quality tap water can do with a little extra help when you want drinking water that is pure, refreshing, and soft. We stock a wide range of quality water filtration, heating, cooling, and carbonating brands to provide complete safety and convenience, at home or in the office.

Our range includes the Billi filter tap, Rheem, Crown, InSinkErator, Boiling Billy, and Aqua Cooler. Trust these brands to transform your water, whether you need boiling water for washing, sparkling for entertaining, or chilled still water for everyday hydration.

Benefits of Our Water Filter Taps

Drinking water is vital for life–in fact, it is more essential than eating. The human body consists of around 60% water, a level that we need to maintain for optimal functioning. Hydration, mental clarity, a strong immune system, reduced risk of diseases and cancer, improved nutrient intake, detoxification, proper digestion: adequate water intake is crucial for all of these.

Tap water is clean, but it may taste of chemicals. Bottled or distilled water has the chemicals removed, but it has lost vital minerals in the process, making the water taste flat. No wonder so many of us are chronically dehydrated. Accessing better-tasting, easily available water right at home will encourage you and your family to drink more of it. Our filtration systems, including Billi and Zip, will benefit not only you but also the environment.

  • Billi and Zip offer eco-friendly advanced functionality combined with modern and stylish designs. Whether you’re looking for boiled, chilled, still, or sparkling water, or any combination of the same, our technologically advanced filters and dispensers will fulfil all your needs.
  • Zip Hydrotap and Billi tap maintenance is easy and convenient. The units are durable, and you only need to replace the filter every six to 12 months.
  • Multi-level filtration removes impurities and contaminants, pathogens (including water-borne cysts such as Giardia), toxins such as insecticides, chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, and heavy metals such as lead, while still allowing health-giving minerals to flow through. You will enjoy purer, healthier, and better-tasting water, and the convenience of accessing boiling, chilled, or sparkling water on demand will save you time and enhance your lifestyle.
  • If you have been buying bottled water, a filtration system will save you money and help preserve the Earth’s resources. Bottled water is expensive and harms the environment with plastics and an increased carbon footprint. In contrast, a water filter system is permanent, easy to maintain, and more eco-friendly. The up-front cost will soon transform into savings—not only for your wallet but for your health and the environment, too.

What Sets Aqua Infusion Apart Regarding Zip Water Systems and Other Brands?

Our quick and affordable services include sales and installation of new units, maintenance and repair of existing units, and sales of spare parts and CO2 bottles. We offer:

  • A guarantee on repairs and workmanship. Our efficient, well-trained technicians always test after installation to ensure that the unit is functioning perfectly, and our customised maintenance and filter replacement programmes will keep your unit running smoothly.
  • Our refillable, eco-friendly CO2 canisters. These canisters reduce waste and save you money. You can upgrade any brand, and every purchase comes with a complimentary maintenance check on your existing unit.
  • Twenty-four-hour call out and emergency service.

About Aqua Infusion

With 20 years servicing home, business, medical, and governmental clients in Melbourne and regional Victoria, we offer superior products, professional workmanship, and quality customer service. For your health and the planet’s, invest in purer water–call or email us today for a free quote.


24 hour service available if needed, please call to arrange out of hours service.

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