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Water Filter Service

Our Customised Water Filter Service Will Keep Your Purifier Running Smoothly

We provide professional sales, installation, and repair of drinking water filtration systems and parts. Our range of quality brands, including Billi, Zip, InSinkErator, Crown, Rheem, Aqua Cooler, and Boiling Billy, will provide pure drinking water for your family or staff.

The advanced and energy-efficient technology built into these filters and dispensers means that your water will be free of contaminants, impurities, pathogens (such as bacteria and cysts), toxins (such as pesticide), chemicals (such as fluoride and chlorine), and heavy metals (such as lead), but the retained mineral content will make your water taste delicious and help keep you healthy.

Choose from one or a combination of boiling, chilled, still, or sparkling options as you bring the convenience of on-demand, clean, and safe water into your home or office. Once we have installed your new filters, our customised maintenance and water filter service programmes will keep your purifier functioning optimally and your water fresh for longer.


The Importance of Your Billi Service

While your Billi filtration system will provide you with many months of hassle-free, healthy water, it is critical to get your system professionally checked and cleaned at regular intervals. Brands and models may differ, but once every 12 months is the recommendation for cleanings for your Billi or Zip Service—or more often if the tap water in your area is of lower quality.

Annual servicing will ensure:

  • The longevity of your unit so that your drinking water stays well-filtered and fresh.
  • The optimal functioning of your unit, keeping your system sanitary and helping to avoid the risk of bacterial build-up resulting from an overused filter.
  • The cost-efficiency of your unit, as we will be able to identify and repair small issues before they become major problems, avoiding unnecessary and costly damage. Overlooking regular Billi or Zip hot water service may result in the heating or cooling elements operating sub-optimally, which means that you will no longer enjoy the boiling or well-chilled water that you are used to accessing.

What Sets Aqua Infusion Apart Regarding Billi or Zip Tap Service in Melbourne?

We provide affordable and high-quality products, efficient workmanship, and superior service in Melbourne and the Victoria region. How we deliver value:

  • You can subscribe to our customised programmes for maintenance and six- or 12-month filter replacement. We will take the guessing and forgetting out of keeping your unit working at its best, prolonging its reliability and durability and saving you money in the process. A subscription package means that servicing is cheaper than ad hoc servicing. For further savings and to help save the planet, we can add our ‘Endless’ eco-friendly and refillable CO2 canisters to any existing unit. We will also check your unit for free when you upgrade.
  • We provide a guarantee on all installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our trained and experienced technicians work to a high standard, completing service orders correctly the first time to keep your unit at peak performance.
  • You can count on us to respond fast if you have a problem when you call our 24-hour call-out line or after-hours emergency number.

About Aqua Infusion

Our 20 years of experience mean that we can provide you with superior customer service for all your filtration needs. Our range of premium brands combined with our top-level servicing will give you a system that lasts.

Do not wait for your water filtration system to fail you: call or email us today for a free quote on regular and reliable maintenance.