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Zip Boiling Water Tap

Zip Boiling Water Tap

What You Should Know About the Zip Boiling Water Tap

The world’s first installed boiling water tap was a Zip boiling water tap in 1970. Since then, Zip has been world-renowned for its superior products. That is until Billi came and designed their own unique hot water taps. These two companies are the leading manufacturers of high-end filtered water taps, and we, Aqua Infusion, are the best installers.

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Benefits of Hot Water Taps

Aside from your kettle space and water quantity, Billi hot water taps have made the taps competition almost a tie with their immensely innovative filtered instant hot water taps. Adding these taps to office spaces and homes have improved the health and well-being of families and work teams.

  • Adequate hot water. One minor nuisance of hot water is limescale. Whether it be growing in your kettle or giant urn, it is there, and it not only looks terrible, but it also tastes terrible. With the innovative filtered hot water taps, the filter takes care of the problem for you. It removes the limescale and enables you to provide your family or clients with a safe and drinkable hot beverage.
  • Energy efficiency. An energy-efficient water tap is inevitably required. Billi has created a hot water tap that uses the waste heat from the cooling system to heat the water system. This provides hot water and uses less energy to do so.
  • Safety. A key feature of anything in life is the safety of a product. Comparing to kettles and eliminating picking up a kettle of boiling water is already a bonus. However, companies have introduced a control system of how the water flows. By controlling the flow, the splash factor is reduced significantly.

In conclusion, replacing your kettle with an innovative hot water tap ensures your carbon footprint and water burns are reduced to a minimum.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Chilled Water Taps

Many people have questions about their chilled- and boiling water taps. For example, when the filter needs replacement or what to do when their tap is leaking. At Aqua Infusion, we provide a 24/7 call service and emergency after-hours maintenance services for the odd chance of something going awry. Here are some basic guidelines to ensure your product is doing its job.

  • Most taps will indicate when a filter change is due. On the off chance that yours does not, keep an eye out for unpleasant tastes or odours.
  • Have a professional service your taps frequently. That is us. We can service, replace, and clean your filtered water system.
  • Leaks. A filter change indication is a leak; however, a leak can also mean a faulty system. Switch off your water supply and call us immediately to come and change your filter or determine what is causing the leak.

What you can expect from Aqua Infusion regarding a Sparkling Water System

Replacing your sweet, carbonated drinks with a refreshing sparkling water system is one of the most beneficial health choices you can make. This switch has been made easier with Zip sparkling water taps. With Zip Tap Sparkling Water or Billi tap sparkling water, you will not miss out on your carbonated water needs.

  • Sparkling water on tap has proven to be environmentally friendly.
  • The health benefits include better digestion and increases feelings of fullness.
  • Both our supplying companies offer a range of taps for residential and commercial use.

Why You Should Use Aqua Infusion

Aqua Infusion has been supplying, installing, and repairing filtered water drinking units in Australia, we use leading manufacturers such as Billi and Zip, where we can assure our clients are happy with their systems. At Aqua Infusion, we only employ the highest trained technicians for smooth installations and proper maintenance. We understand the necessities of having professional technicians work in your chosen environment, and we provide only the best.

We provide the most reliable, cheapest, and fastest filtered water installations. Aqua Infusion offers customised maintenance packages, after-hours emergency services, and a six- or twelve-month filter replacement program. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.