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Zip Boiling Water Tap & Water Filter Replacement

Key Questions to Ask Aqua Infusion About Zip Water Filter Replacement

We have had many questions regarding the Zip water filter replacement over the years. Our main question is, why replace the filter if we do not use the tap frequently? Well, to put it simply, chemical build-up. The filter serves as a barrier between your clean water and the chemicals it keeps out, creating a build-up of matter on the filter, which in turn means it needs replacing. Another good question is how frequently a filter needs replacing; we recommend 12 months maximum to replace your filters.


What Sets Aqua Infusion Apart Regarding Billi Water Filter Replacement

For an affordable and fast Billi filter replacement, we will take care of your regular filter maintenance. At Aqua Infusion, we service and install both Billi and Zip water systems depending on which tap you have installed.

  • We stock a wide variety of spare parts for any emergency that may come up and offer an after-hours emergency service for the odd chance of something happening to your system.
  • We have several highly trained technicians that will be installing and  servicing your filtered water system.
  • Aqua Infusion offers more than just Billi and Zip; we provide a range of other products with the same services.

The Importance of Zip Filter Replacement

To enable your clients and yourself to enjoy your chilled, boiled, or sparkling water as you are meant to, a key component is your filter maintenance. There are numerous reasons why filters require replacing:

  • As your filter ages, there is a build-up of chemicals, minerals and dirt that forms, making it less and less effective. Replacing the filter avoids having this build-up in your water.
  • When your water starts tasting odd or presents an unusual odour, you know your filter needs replacing, as this is that build-up of dirty causing the bad taste and smell.
  • Old filters can add bacteria to your water which in turn may make you ill. By replacing your filters, regularly, you avoid unknown bacteria in your water.

Related Services We Provide to Billi Filters and Zip Filters

As stated, at Aqua Infusion, we offer a range of services aside from your Billi and Zip filter. We install these well-known taps and other brands just like them. Added to the installation, we provide a range of other services such as:

  • A customised maintenance program personalised entirely to your preferences to ensure healthy filters, full cylinders, and clean water.
  • We offer environmentally friendly and refillable cylinders in 2.6kg and 6kg and aim to keep our wastage to a minimum. Our cylinders are also designed to enable you to see how much is left inside.
  • We offer upgrades for Billi, Zip and other brands to ensure your system is up to date and working perfectly.

What You Stand To Gain When You Use Aqua Infusion

Aqua Infusion has been supplying, installing, and repairing filtered water drinking units in Australia. We use leading manufacturers such as Billi and Zip, where we can assure our clients are happy with their systems. At Aqua Infusion, we only employ the highest trained technicians for smooth installations and proper maintenance. We understand the necessity of having professional technicians work in your chosen environment, and we provide only the best.

We aim to provide the most reliable, cheapest, and fastest filtered water installations. Aqua Infusion offers customised maintenance packages, after-hours emergency services, and a six- or twelve- month filter replacement program. For more information, please contact us – we would love to assist.